Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Back in the Blogging Business!

It's so good that life is finally calming down and I have a chance to catch up with things just for myself.
The last few months have been the most challenging for many years but we have come out the other side now.
Paul had his hip replaced in May after many months of not knowing where his pain was originating from and he is doing brilliantly well :) He is down to just the occasional use of a stick to aid him getting about and physio is keeping him supple.
A huge thank you to all our friends at home, work and overseas for all your good wishes to him. Check out two of the wonderful cards Paul received from Penny and Lana. Also to Deb and Linda - they were all very special {hugs} and he has been showing them off to all his visitors/District Nurses/Physiotherapists.
All the while Paul was ill, Fliss was doing her GCSE's and she coped really well with having her Daddy at home the whole time. We are keeping our fingers crossed for August and that she gets the results she wants to go into 6th form.
And me? Well I have a new job to look forward to in a couple of weeks - more about that another time :) I didn't totally clear my crafting space away of late so I do have a few bits and bobs to post. Watch this space!


Penny said...

Hi Chris, so nice to see you back in blogland!

Chris (cdjkssss on SCS) said...

Thanks for commenting over at my blog so that I could find yours! Got you on my Google reader now.

Shaz said...

Hi Chris nice to see you back bloging again.


Sharon said...

Chris, I send my best wishes to you all and I hope Paul's condition continues to improve.

Best of luck to Fliss for her exam results and to you in your new job. x


Sam Morris said...

Wow, you have had a tonne of stuff happen ay? Glad Paul is doing so well and fingers crossed for Fliss ~ though if she at least has her mum's brain she'll be more than fine ;)

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Great to hear you've all come out the other side and can chill with creating some stunning neat cardmaking again. Fingers crossed for Fliss, and I hope Paul is soon limbering up again.

Zuzu's Blog said...

Chris.. sorry its taken me this long to come in and discover poor Paul has had such a rough time.. and you no doubt..
I do hope all is well with you both xx