Monday, 18 August 2008

A Lovely Short Break

The Doctor said that Paul was allowed to fly now he's made such great progress but only a maximum of an hour and provided he was full of asprin and wearing flight socks:) So we headed off to Scotland for a few days, After touring around the Highlands we stayed with my great friend Lorry on the Isle of Skye. Paul had a blast fishing in all the rivers and managed a couple of little brown trout for his efforts! It was the first time we have been away together on our own for a long time.

This is Plockton - a beautiful little village at the end of a Loch - I could move here tomorrow - it was so pretty and peaceful. No sirens or aircraft overhead, just great views (even though I missed the castle nestling in the forest on the hillside).

I spent a lot of time sitting besides rivers like these while Paul dibbed his rod - I wish I'd taken some stamping with me though :)

I'm not sure who was most frightened here - me being faced with those horns or the cow seeing me and my droppy boobs :) The Highland cattle are so huge and pretty - a shame they were all laying down because of the weather.

Whilst with Lorry I had a wonderful day crafting with her and her lovely friend Polly. While Lorry and Polly were busy knitting with wire and beads and making earings for a craft fair I stamped out a couple of sets of 3x3" card sets.


Penny said...

You already know I love your fabulous card sets and lovely to see some more photos of you and Skye! LOL at the droopy boobs!!

Anonymous said...

I missed these!!! Great pics! Droopy boobs - tut! lol I love your card sets! :)