Saturday, 3 July 2010

Happy Birthday Felicity!

My baby turned 18 last week - please can someone tell me why time races by so very quickly! She has become a very lovely young woman and we are so very proud of her.

Here are some photos of family and friends especially for those family and friends that couldn't be with us on her special day - we missed you!

Proud Dad alert!

Paul and I felt under-dressed when presented with all Fliss's glamour!

With Rachel - her best friend since they were about 4 months old - don't they look so gorgeous!


Lorraine said...

YES, your daughter is definitely one gorgeous young lady! Thank you for sharing the lovely photos.

Penny said...

How lovely do you all look? I'm glad such a lovely time was had by you all and especially Fliss.

Penny x

Aimes said...

Your daughter looks stunning, Chris! I love her dress, it's fabulous! She's definitely got style - that comes from you of course ;D
I hope she had a fabulous day!