Monday, 15 November 2010

Climbing back on the crafting ladder!

Sometimes life just jumps up and bites you in the bottom on occasions and this last month has been one of those! A quick visit to Romania on work business and a health scare for my dear Mum (who is fine now) put my crafting on a back burner so to celebrate finding my JustRite stampers that I thought had gone out with the rubbish when I had my new storage units, I made some notelet sets.

The ones above use the Dot Spot stamp from PTI along with the matching Bitty Dots paper and ink for my friend Jeanette.

These ones below are a gift for Nina and Graham whose wedding we went to a month back, this time using Friends to the End.

Thanks for stopping by today and not giving up on me! The November installment of the calendar pages is coming up next!


Aimes said...

Hey, stranger! So glad to see you back and that your mum is OK!!!
Love these cards - such a simple but fabulous design that would work with so many stamp sets!!!

Betty said...

love your cards, chris - think i might have to keep those designs for future mass production.

Lorraine said...

Beautiful gift cards, Chris. Hope things are going smoother for you now and glad that your mom's okay.

Sonya said...

Nice note cards, Chris. Just cruising by today (killing time at work...shhhh). Glad to hear your mom is better and you're back on the crafting ladder. Just remembered myself that I have some Just Rite stamps - thanks for the inspiration.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Hi Chris! I found your blog... and love love LOVE these cards! I'm so lucky to have been the recipient!!! Thank you!!!

Your creatvity is outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris, These cards for Nina and Graham are really lovely, you have inspired me to have a go. What a lovely gift they are. I thought the ones you made me were nice but these are 'simply' stunning. The initial of their individual Christian names either side of the Letter of their surname is such a lovely idea. The variety of colours is fab as well.

Anonymous said...

They were gorgeous and a lovely gift to receive thank you xx