Sunday, 26 June 2011

Anniversay Pair

We've had a pretty awful week in the Blanshard household - on Monday in the early hours we were burgled whilst we were asleep. After they had cruised downstairs and picked up handbags, laptops and camera equipment they drove off in my lovely new VW Tiguan.

It's taking us a while to get straight and replacing lost bank cards, filling out insurance forms is taking time and energy none of us have - I keep remembering things that were in my handbag - like driving licence and super sunglasses, favoutite lippy and nail varnish - but we are all safe which is the most important thing!

It's mine and Paul's 24th wedding anniversary tomorrow so we thought we would have a bit of a treat to cheer ourselves up.  I was given a gift last year before Christmas for a tour of Kennsington Palace and champange afternoon tea at The Orangery so off we drove into town - the gardens were packed with families sunning themselves and it was a lovely walk through the park. 

Here is Paul standing in line - I don't think I've ever queued for a cup of tea before!

We were lucky to get a table outside - it was a beautiful day and the champagne slipped down a treat.  We had finger sandwiches, orange scented scones with clotted cream and pretty pastries!

When we got home there was time for me to get out some new stamps and have a play at making an anniversary card - I've kept it simple as Paul doesn't do fussy and I haven't felt much like crafting this week.  Fruit Fusion - Pears, stamped in white snow ink onto craft cardstock and then the die cut pears were stamped in summer sunrise and new leaf ink.

Some better news to finish the post - my car was found down in Kent with new number plates on and the police say it is in immaculate condition - phew!  I love that baby - it was my pride and joy and I am so looking forward to getting it back when the forensic people have had a dusting on it!  When I can get the name of the Officer who spotted that the plates didn't match the tax disc I am going to make him the best thank you card I can!


Karen H. said...

Oh Chris, I'm so sad to hear you were burglarized! How scary to have it occur while you are in the house. I'm very glad to know everyone is well though. Happy Anniversary :)

Chris Simon said...

Oh my, how frightening! I'm so happy that you're all safe, though! What a pain to have to replace all of your credit cards and identification. Hope it all goes smoothly. And what a great thing that your car was found! You're right, that officer was really on the ball. Your pear card is lovely!