Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Copic Marker Storage

I just wanted to share with you what my clever man made for me this week.  I have been after a  way to store my Copic markers and get them out of the old decorated baby formula cans (which are about 20 years old now as that is how old Felicity is!)  and make it easier to select the colours I need.


If you fancy having a go yourself (or like me have a handy man!) the cabinet is 328mm wide x 215mm high x 162mm deep and made from planed quality softwood.  The shelves are tilted back slightly to  stop the pens falling out if I need to move it onto the dinning table aka my craft table.

And here it is all filled up and with plenty of room for a few more!  I have now done a very rough sketch for a revolving ink pad storage container and given Paul another challenge - watch this space!

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