Sunday, 22 December 2013

What I've been up to!

Whilst I was off work this Summer on my enforced break I bought a sewing machine determined to start dressmaking again.  What a disaster - I am hopeless at fitting a top or dress for myself - really disappointing as I used to make jackets and skirts without blinking!  So instead of packing away the machine I decided to have a go at a quilt and here is my first one - a Floral Double Nine Patchwork.

Thanks to Paul for standing for ages in the garden holding it up as the grass was too wet to drape it artfully over a bench.

I am quite proud of myself - all cut by hand (with my engineer husband's help with a straight edge) from a variety of fabrics which I bought at Tikki near Kew Gardens - such a wonderful shop and really helpful when you are a beginner.  The pattern is from the online version of the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine and a fantastic source of patterns and advice.

I did fussy cut the roses and I am glad I did - it suits me that they are all the right way up!  I should have taken a picture of us trying to baste all three layers together before I quilted it - that was the hardest part!
This already has a home in my daughter's bottom draw, surprising as it is rather vintage in style.  I am starting on a 1600 inch jelly roll quilt next using this ...

Thanks for joining me - I hope to kick start my card making mojo in the new year - see you then!


Lynn Hardy said...

Your quilt is very beautiful Chris! You'd never know it was your first one either - so professionally done!

Betty said...

your quilt is gorgeous - i would never have the patience to do that! looking forward to some of your cards again!! have a very merry!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

I'm SO impressed that you've learned to quilt!! It's totally on my list of things to learn someday! Your quilt is lovely! Well done, Dearie!