Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sweet Peas

After peonies, sweet peas are my next favourite flower - my Dad and I grow them every year on wig-wams in our gardens and there is nothing I love more than cutting bunches of them and having them all around the house - the smell is just wonderful!

That made this new set from Papertrey an absolute must for me and it was hard waiting for them to cross the pond after they got delayed by that volcanic ash somewhere over Iceland. I couldn't wait to play and even inked this up before the new anniversary set - shock, horror!

I went right out of my comfort zone with this red one - I hardly ever use red but I think the best sweet peas that my Dad grows with great long stems and the best perfume are red - Winstons I think they are called.

I used the Pure Poppy collection of Copic markers to colour these and married it up with Pure Poppy bits and bobs.

So I'm sitting on the sofa with Felicity on Saturday night watching a weepy film (My Sister's Keeper) she is painting her nails and I'm colouring the sweet peas below. Paul comes back from his blokes night out and sits himself down and says "Which direction is the light coming from then?"

"Pardon" I say, "What light?".

"On those flowers - which direction is the light coming from as some of those petals on this side look dark and dark on the other side too".

"Have you been on a Copic certification course lately?" says I.

"What's a Copic certification course when it's at home then? " he queries.

I reply "If I could get on one here in London I would, but I can't as they don't do them, so that's why the light is coming from the wrong direction"

Forgetting for a moment that he is a trained draughtsman and a design engineer I go off in a huff. He promises me that he will show me how to do it "properly" sometime soon! Well that will be cheaper than a course I suppose!

So after boring the pants off you with my ramblings here is the offending colouring made into a card with matching Sweet Blush card stock and a hint of spring moss and ripe avocado!

Both of these cards were made from sketches in the Paper Crafts Go to sketch book - I'm still loving them!
I think they go well with the Passion for Papertrey pretty petals challenge so do hop over and see the other beautiful cards here.

If you are visiting form the UK have a happy May Day holiday tomorrow. I haven't seen any Maypoles to dance around this side of London so I'll be crafting away instead and trying to work out which way the b***dy light is coming from......


Pat said...

Well, I think your coloring is beautiful no matter which way the light is coming from. And personal instruction? I'd love that.

Karen H. said...

I would never have noticed the different light directions - I think you did a beautiful job!

Lorraine said...

I LOVE both of your cards. I think my fav is the red since it is so striking. And your coloring looks fab - so don't worry about the hubby - men just don't get "art" sometimes...LOL. Beutiful!

Amy Kolling said...

You did a fabulous job coloring with the Pure Poppy copics on that sweet pea image!! It is beautiful!

Anne said...

Chris, these are magnificent - your colouring is exquisite!!!! I never ever stop to think where the light's coming from - I went to watercolour classes for about 4 years and I never grasped it in all that time!! LOL! I especially love the red card - it's bold and striking and it made my jaw drop, and the pink card is soft and delicate and so feminine! Wonderful cards! XX

Jill said...

Chris, the red card is especially pretty--I'm saving it to my ideas folder! I love the red circles under the buttons--did you stamp those or are they cardstock circles?

Chris said...

What great friends you all are for your lovely comments! Jill the little red circles are punched out from cardstock.

Margaret C said...

I understand what your husband means, and it is important BUT it wasn't what I thought when I saw these cards ! I just thought they were LOVELY !!! (and wouldn't have gone anywhere near the light issue if you hadn't brought it up !! XX

Aimes said...

ROFL! Awww how sweet that your man thought about it though! Who cares what direction that light is coming from, your colouring is AWESOME!
Loving your sweet pea creations, no wonder you had to ink this set up asap!
Thanks so much for joining in sooooo much with our challenge - I can tell we hit the mark with a flower challenge for ya! LOL!

Unknown said...

These are *gorgeous*, Chris! I think your coloring is lovely no matter where the light is coming from!!! :)

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness your coloring is fantastic; perfect even! And I love the red…and the buttons are such a fun touch!

Sonya said...

I think both of your cards are lovely and your colouring is wonderful...regardless of which direction the light is coming from. Cheeky =P

Janis said...

I never know which direction I'm coming how could I know which direction the light was coming from on your cards? Hee Hee!! I think both are fantastic and the colouring is matter which direciton the light is coming from.

Brenda Weaver said...

Your coloring looks fabulous, Copic certification course or not! :)
I love the pink one especially. It's so soft and pretty.

Caryn said...

Both of these are just stunning Chris - your colouring is amazing.

Caryn xxx

Anonymous said...

These are stunning cards, and I have to admit I laughed out loud reading your conversation with your husband. I have the hardest time trying to figure that stuff out. I think your coloring on both cards is stellar!